Flywheel slicer Berkel Model L


Berkel L


1907 – 1916


Black / Red


Blade: 350
Weight: 101
Width: 660
Depth: 835
Height: 630


Berkel Model L was produced between 1907 and 1916, in the same period of professional slicers R, 1 and 2.  It’s a tipical flower flywheel slicer which made Berkel famous and recognizable all over the world. The flywheel will operate the gears assembly moving the blade and two hidden connecting-rods under the base of machine Berkel model L with Pedestal. In this way the movement of the scroll carriage is generated. This last one is driven by a recordable louver situated on the upper side of the base of such flywheel slicer. Also, by means of 4 wheels, the scroll carriage of Berkel slicer model L  scrolls into 2 binaries covered with Bakelite.  On the carriage is a graduated rod linked with a lever to the cog wheel which sets the thickness of the slice. When the carriage moves, this lever provided with a little wheel gets operated by a slide-shaped rod fixed on the base of the professional slicer. Like this, the cog wheel rotation is generated linked to the worm screw in which the machine clamp comb is inserted, thus generating the product cutting.

This is not only a design slicer , but also a performing machine with remarkable features, like the possibility of setting the clamp towards the blade in the desired position. To approach the clamp to the blade, a lever connected to the cog wheel of Model L must be operated more times, while to divert it, it takes moving the comb of the worm screw with a knob and scroll it in the desired position. The clamp of such flywheel slicer– inside the scroll carriage. – is composed of two pinion opposed rods united by a toothed arm acting on the product to be sliced. In this professional slicer the machine shoulder is closed and round shaped. On it, it’s fixed :  The hub supporting the blade; the tinplate tray where the sliced products drops onto and the front and rear blade guard. The Berkel tag plate is situated instead on the low flat side of the machine shoulder of this professional slicer.

Model L Berkel flywheel is composed of more visible parts, without any fairings in  nickel-plating.


Pedestal Berkel mod. L

4-feet heavy version

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Restoration Berkel L

Artigiani del Restauro sell and restore such flywheel slicer. The restoration service of Model Berkel L is carried out with the greatest professionality and care for details so to provide with a complete finished product perfectly functional.  Benefiting of a qualified staff with a specialized knowledge in the materials and use of advance machinery,  Artigiani del Restauro are able to directly rebuild the spare parts for Model L, replacing the possible damaged parts.  The single loose spares for Model L realized by Artigiani del Restauro are available on request, also in case of purchase of individuals, other renovators and companies interested.  Finally, the company can also resell ready restored Model L slicers  ready for exposing or use.  Contact us for more information and for an estimate for flywheel slicer Berkel model L.