Flywheel slicer Berkel Model B


Berkel Indiana ( mod. B)


1919 - 1921


Black / Cream / Red


Blade: 263
Weight: 40
Width: 440
Depth: 645
Height: 470


Berkel model B is one of the oldest models of Berkel and so a design slicer extremely rare.  It was produced in the Berkel american establishment of la Porte around the 20s.  It was nicknamed modello Indiana, or more commonly Indianina,  as the production plant was located in the state of Indiana. After only 3 years of production of this professional slicer , it was subject to some slight variations. What makes Berkel model B with pedestal unique and highly appreciated by the antiquary market and its experts

are its reduced dimensions and so the possibility to install it everywhere. Berkel Model B is not only among the most ancient models, but it is also the smallest Flywheel  slicer made by Berkel in ‘900.

This manual slicer shows a slender line and it is well proportioned. It is provided with a 263mm diameter blade and a slice thickness regulation device of 12 positions. Also, it is a Flywheel  slicer having a diameter of 279mm. This last one states the typical Berkel flowery draw, with the marks in relief U.S. Slicing Machine La Porte Indiana. Such model was made in 3 different colors : Berkel Model B red, Berkel Model B black and Berkel Model B cream. In all its versions the metal parts were originally nickel-plated. The relevant identification tag plates and the extraordinary decorations allowed this splendid design slicer to rightfully enter into the history of the ancient slicers and become an exemplar model of the industrial and esthetical revolution which occurred early in ‘900.


Pedestal Berkel mod. B indianina

4-feet heavy version

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Restoration Berkel B

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