Flywheel slicer Berkel Model 5

affettatrice berkel modello 5 rossa


Berkel 5


1922 – 1928


Black / Cream / Red


Blade: 370
Weight: 97
Width: 645
Depth: 840
Height: 585


Flywheel slicer Berkel model 5 was realized in the 20’s, during the first two years of commercialization, it was produced along with the previous model 3. The two flywheel slicers models have some characteristics in common : the fixing clamp for example is modified with two crossed columns with some friction knobs, connected together with an L shaped toothed arm. Furthermore :  the pedestal, the dial knob for the slice regulation are basically the same.

The sharpener of Berkel flywheel slicer model 5 with pedestal is instead more simple and modern compared to the previous one. Moreover, the sharpener is covered with a painted dome. In this Slicer with sharpener, the flywheel is closed, with some written marks up in relief, and it operates a routine of gears under its base, which – in turn – generates the blade movement through the chain and the scrolling carriage by means of two connecting-rods .

This flywheel slicer is equipped with a special system which was first adopted back in 1908 and first implemented in Berkel slicer Model 2. Such professional slicer is even provided with a scrolling carriage which – close to the blade side – scrolls inside a pivot.

On the opposite side instead, it leans upon a squared bar through a scrolling felt.

Each guide is supported by some columns fixed at their base.

On Berkel model 5 base is the relevant graduated dial knob for the slice thickness regulation; it is to operate the peck-shaped lever situated on the axle of the toothed wheel, present on the carriage. The axle, in its turn, exerts the movement to the screw where the clamp comb is into, thus generating the slicing movement. Since it is a hand operated slicer, the toothed wheel is linked to a lever which, once operated in the two directions will move the clamp right or left. In this flywheel slicer the hub which supports the blades is located in the machine shoulder. This last one is flattened at its extreme side performing a wing-shaped bow.

Flywheel slicer model 5 was realized in three different colors : from the classical Berkel Red to the elegant Berkel black up to the Berkel Cream version.


Pedestal Berkel mod. 3, 5, 7, 12

4-feet heavy version

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Restoration Berkel model 5

Artigiani del Restauro sell and restore such a new ground Flywheel slicer.  Noticeably, they carry out the restoration of Berkel model 5 in all its parts, by retrieving its classical lines, original design, desired details and perfect functionality. In case of damaged or missing spares for Berkel Model 5 due to general machine wearing, the company is able to provide with restored parts or to perfectly realize them like the original. In addition to this, Artigiani del Restauro may build third party and supply the original spares for Berkel Model 5 or create them faithfully. If you own such design flywheel slicer and wish to restore it or buy it, contact us for pricing .