Flywheel slicer Berkel Model 3


Berkel 3


1915 - 1924


Black / Cream / Red


Blade: 350
Weight: 68
Width: 630
Depth: 840
Height: 560


Historically,  the fly-wheel slicer model 3 substituted the slicer models L-R-1-2. For over 9 years, this flywheel slicer was  – and still is nowadays – the most successful of the period at the point that its successor – flywheel slicer Berkel 5 – will maintain untouched its most important aspect : the mechanics.

The Berkel model 3 flywheel slicer with its own pedestal is characterized by a special system which was first adopted back in 1908 with respect to its predecessor fly-wheel slicer model 2. Its fly-wheel is flower type, and on rotating it, it will operate the gears  situated under the base of model 3. In turn, these gears will operate the blade through the chain and the scroll carriage, by means of two connecting rods. The scroll carriage of such professional flywheel slicer is placed on the blade close side and scrolls in a pivot.  On the opposite side instead, it leans upon a squared bar through a scrolling felt. Eventually the two guides are supported by four columns fixed at their base (two columns for each guide).

On Berkel model 3 base is the relevant graduated dial knob  to the slice thickness regulation; it is to operate the peck-shaped lever situated on the axle of the toothed wheel, present on the carriage. The movement of the wheel is conveyed to the worm screw where the clamp comb is into, thus generating the slicing movement. The clamp moves right or left of the toothed wheel, which being connected to a lever, it can be manually operated by the user.

Which such flywheel slicer, the fixing of the product to be sliced is ensured by an attachment clamp on the scroll carriage. Such clamp is composed of a column with a friction knob on its rear side and a rack-rod at front. The two parts are linked one another through a toothed arm acting on the product to be sliced.

Berkel Model 3 is sharpener equipped flywheel slicer, a quite knack and innovative system made of a closed nickel treated moulded case with two jerks for its sharpening.

As per the previous models, this flywheel slicer as well, has got its shoulder in round shape. Moreover, on the upper side of this design slicer are :  the hub to which the blade is connected, the tinplate tray for the cold meat gathering; the blade back guard , the blade front guard and the slice separator tab. On the low side of the machine is the relevant Berkel trademark name plate.

This professional flywheel slicer was realized in 3 different colorings : available are indeed Berkel model 3 red slicer, Berkel model 3 black slicer and Berkel model 3 cream-colour slicer .


Pedestal Berkel mod. 3, 5, 7, 12

4-feet heavy version

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Restoration Berkel Model 3

“Artigiani del Restauro” carry out the Berkel model 3 restoration in all its contents, by rebuilding and retrieving old models of flywheel slicer to get them to their splendor.  The work is executed with the greatest faithfulness to the original model and paying the greatest attention to every single detail. With Berkel model 3 restoration, the machine authentic design  is retrieved and exalted as well as its perfect work functionality.

In case of missing spares for model 3, Artigiani del Restauro are able to perfectly realize them identically to the original ones. Furthermore they can realize and supply by third party with any spare for model 3, rebuilt faithfully. Contact us whether you own and wish to restore an old model of such flywheel slicer, or if you are interested in buying a new one and wish to know about the price for a Berkel model 3 slicer.