Flywheel meat slicer Berkel Model B 100

Affettatrice berkel modello B100 avorio volano


Berkel B100


1919 - 1926


Black / Cream / Red


Blade: 350
Weight: 112
Width: 640
Depth: 840
Height: 650


Berkel model B 100 flywheel meat slicer was built in the  Berkel establishment of La Porte – Indiana Between 1918 e il 1925. Such professional meat slicer is equipped with a 350mm diameter blade. Also, Berkel model B100 flywheel meat slicer with pedestal, is provided with a slice thickness regulation device at 24 positions. It’s a flywheel meat slicer showing the famous flowery draw upon it, a distinctive mark-up of all the Berkel patent design meat slicers.

To operate such flywheel meat slicer is a 368mm diameter flywheel which states in relief the mark “U.S. Slicing Machine La Porte Indiana”. Such design meat slicer was produced by Berkel in 3 color variants : there are indeed some Berkel model B100 red, Black and Cream. In both versions, the metal parts were originally nickel-plated.


Pedestal Berkel mod. B80, B100

4-feet heavy version

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Restoration Berkel B 100

Artigiani del Restauro carry out the restoration cycle for Berkel model B 100 taking this machine back to its original design and functionality. The company, in fact, taking advantage of its own advanced machinery and knowledge for the materials, is able to realize spares for model Berkel 100 faithful to the original ones. On request, Artigiani del Restauro may also realize and supply with high quality spare parts for Model B 100 built with the greatest care in details. To conclude, the company can directly sell these manual meat slicers models ready restored and perfectly functional. If you are interested in purchasing manual meat slicer model B 100 and need for an estimate, contact us now.