Artigiani del Restauro are a mechanical workshop thanks to the craft care and industrial technologies of which, they are able to offer a restoration service and repair for the ancient Berkel fly-wheel slicers.

The company buys and retrieves the ancient Berkel slicers with the aim at restoring and take them back to their original splendor and perfect functionality, thus managing the whole Berkel restoration cycle and workmanship by its own establishment in Oggiona S. Stefano (VA).  What makes the service offered by Artigiani del Restauro unique in the Berkel restoration cycle, is the various steps taken to transform some “old” used Berkel slicers in full-fledged masterpieces perfectly functional, like furnishing accessories highly valuable and well performing to be installed in restaurants, hotels and at individuals. In order to offer our customers a complete service with a product restored to new, Artigiani del Restauro care with thoroughness every single phase in restoration process of the Berkel slicers, without being neglectful on any detail.

Furthermore, during all the Berkel restauration phases the company employs the use of high quality products, complying with the highest safety standards :  on painting exclusively water base products are used, since dealing with machines being in direct contact with food; the screws and iron, aluminum or iron-cast parts are submitted to polishing, copper-plating,  nickel-plating and whether demanded chrome-plating as well.

The expertise and accuracy in the mechanics distinguishing the Artigiani del Restauro, allow the company to get the old used Berkel slicers to perfectly work again.

The Berkel slicers restoration phases


The Berkel slicer to be renovated gets totally disassembled with the greatest care.  Every single piece gets removed and carefully checked. Whenever some parts result damaged or unusable, new slicer Berkel parts will be rebuilt.


Every single piece of the Berkel slicers to be restored is submitted to accurate washing by means of appropriate machines to take any residual materials off their surface.  This is the first step of a routine of phases needed to take the parts back to their original status.


The following step is the sandblasting of the Berkel slicer parts which are to be successively painted. Through it, the upper surface ply of the piece will be eroded, thus cleaning it off any paint left-overs, calcifications, oxide, or other coatings.


To prepare them to their successive treatment to primers and paints, the sanding and plastering of the berkel machines parts are manually executed.


The priming and paints get prepared. A first coat of priming is given, so to shift then to the true and proper painting of the Berkel slicer to be restored.  Then, well 11 coats between priming, dark base paints, hand decorations or aerographs are given.


It goes then with the decoration the Berkel Slicer, fulfilled manually through some aerographs. Decorations are made manually. Totally, 11 coats of primes and dark base paints are applied.


3 coats of clear varnish on all the slicer parts and successively the hand polishing of the machine. In this way the restored  Berkel slicer  will shine back again to its original charm and beauty.


The mechanics gets unified : the painted parts and screws are put together and applied in the Berkel slicer ; in turn the blade,  the stones, the tray and the ribbed plate. Eventually, everything gets reassembled : the renovated Berkel slicer is ready brand new and simply eternal.

Do you have a Berkel slicer to be renovated ? are you interested in buying a ready restored one and wish to know about the prices of the ancient Berkel slicers we offer ?

Contact us for more information about our services.

Do you have a Berkel slicer to restore?

Are you interested in buying one already restored and would like to discover the prices of the ancient Berkel slicers we offer?
Contact us for more information on our services.

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