Flywheel slicer Berkel Model 12

affettatrice berkel modello 12


Berkel 12


1930 – 1980


Black / Red


Blade: 370
Weight: 102
Width: 640
Depth: 840


Berkel model 12 flywheel slicer was built starting from 1930 up to the 80s in Italy by The Auto-Scale Slicing-Machine Italy in Milan, reference company of that period for the import, distribution and assembly of the Berkel patented flywheel slicers. At that time, the professional slicer model 12 was introduced as the cheaper version for the sophisticated models 8 and 21. Flywheel slicer Berkel 12 with pedestal in fact was built with some inventory remains of model 7 which were then up-dated and then optimized in some details. It’s a flywheel slicer with the carriage scrolling upon a pivot. The fly.-wheel is flat and closed with some decalcomanias (paintings) It forwards the carriage movement, which on scrolling, it operate the worm screw against the graduated knob for the slicer thickness regulation.

This last one was purposely built for Berkel model 12 and provided with a plastic knob. Also, the screw is covered by a carter,

installed with ratchet system.  A remarkable up-grade on this manual slicer in respect to the previous versions is the surface of the upper carriage. Unlike Berkel model 7,   there’s on it a safety hook / release system.  The clamp of this flywheel slicer is open arm type,  fixed rearwards with two little columns. At front, instead,  the clamp is open with free access for big sized products.  This machine model has got a sharpener covered by a “cap” on its upper side and a front mask. The blade of this hand operated slicer has got a diameter of 370mm and its assembled in its bow shaped shoulder.


Pedestal Berkel mod. 3, 5, 7, 12

Heavy version with 4 foots

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Restoration Berkel 12

We offer a high-precision handicraft service for Berkel model 12. Artigiani del Restauro have the expertise and know-how to rebuild and restore with the greatest faithfulness such design slicer to the original.  Also, the company is able to directly rebuild thge spares for Berkel model 12 , where any machines parts might be lacking or damaged. On request, Artigiani del Restauro can even supply to third party with the spares for Berkel model 12 slicer. The company, beyond retrieving it, directly resell such flywheel slicer ready restored.  If you need for more information or need to have an estimate for Berkel model 12 slicer, contact us.