Flywheel slicer Berkel Model 115 EP

affettatrice berkel modello 115 rossa lama


Berkel 115 EP


1953 – 1980


Black / Cream / Red


Blade: 370
Weight: 130
Width: 740
Depth: 900
Height: 750


Berkel 115 EP Flywheel meat slicer was built starting from the very first 50s .  H version – manual meat slicer model – was produced until 1980 while the electrical versions were built even for some more years on. Berkel Model 115 EP has been the last Flywheel meat slicer model made by Berkel, the best result born by long experience of the company in the production of cutting machines. Berkel Model 115 EP has been considered and defined the perfect machine. With a 370mm diameter blade – ideal for cutting massive pieces  – and a motor for automatic and semi-automatic slicing, this Flywheel meat slicer is said to be the best one of Berkel. Detaching significantly from Berkel tradition – both esthetically and for its proposed technical solutions  – this professional meat slicer shows some variations in its meat push arm and lacks totally of any mechanical movements.

Meat slicer Berkel Model 115 EP is provided with a mechanical and automatized slice gathering device; also, its scrolling is upon a bar and a bearing. This model presents a conical Flywheel type with “sunk” sharpener, like model 9.

Esthetically, such sharpener meat slicer is totally different from the previous versions. In fact , it was built up with modern drawings and it has got a rounded casing and its lines are well marked and defined. This design meat slicer perfectly reflects the vogue style of its birth period , that means in the years of the 1st half of ‘900.

The company realized this Flywheel meat slicer in three different colors for this model : Flywheel meat slicer Berkel Model 115 red, meat slicer Berkel Model 115 black and meat slicer Berkel Model 115 cream color.


Pedestal Berkel mod. 115

Light version with 4 foots

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Restoration Berkel 115 EP

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